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Two easy ways to open a command prompt (cmd) in Windows

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Are you always struggling to open a CMD prompt in the right directory. Let me show you how you can easily open a CMD at exactly the right folder.

1. In the explorer address bar

This is the most used way to open a CMD prompt in the folder you are currently in.


Replace the text in the red space with the word: CMD

And then press enter and voila. A nice CMD window will open exactly in that folder

2. Right click in the folder

Browse to the folder in which you want to open the CMD and hold the shift key when pressing the right mouse button. This will open an extended menu and you will see the option to Open Powershell window here.

I know this is not the same as the old CMD window, but every command you can run in CMD will work in the PowerShell windows. Windows has removed the Open CMD window here from this menu. But like i said the PowerShell prompt will work fine.

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