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kali linux 2020.3 install openvas

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How to: Install openvas in kali linux

To install openvas you used to type apt-get install openvas and right after that typed openvas-setup. But now that is not working anymore. The first part still works though but the openvas-setup command will give an error: openvas-setup: command not found.

So whats that all about. Turns out this has something to do with a name change from the developers of openvas. The company is Greenbone and they are updating the branding towards more public visibility of Greenbone. More info in this thread

To fix this you should type the following commands:

sudo apt install gvm to install openvas, or rather Greenbone Vulnerability Management

sudo gvm-setup to setup the tool for the first time use

sudo gvm-feed-update to update the feed only

sudo gvm-start/stop to start or stop the service

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