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Mining Monero on Windows 10

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Mining monero on windows is now easier then ever. Just follow these steps and you are good to go!

Step 1 – download Monero wallet

On the official monero page you can download the wallet for Windows (and other OS). Download the Windows 64-bit (Installer) it and make sure your anti-virus is not blocking or deleting the file. Don’t worry, it is safe but some vendors think it isn’t.

Step2 – install the Monero wallet

Click the downloaded executable and follow the steps in the installation wizard. Here are some screenshots what it looks like. Just choose the folder in which you want to install the software and keeping the blockchain.

Step 3 – configuring the wallet

Once the wallet is installed open it for the first time and then these steps need to be followed to configure it properly.

Choose your language
Go for the Advanced mode in this step
Now choose Create a new wallet. Or if you have already created a wallet earlier you can restore it.
This is very important. You must copy the Mnemonic Seed phrase to a secure location. If you ever loose this, then you won’t be able to restore the wallet in case of crash. Also note down the Wallet restore height.
Create a password to secure the wallet. You will need this password whenever you access the wallet. Also very important to keep it secure.
We will leave this the default, click next
All good to go, just click Create wallet

Step 4 – Syncing and mining

Now the installation and configuration is done, the wallet will sync the blockchain to your computer. This can take some time, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Once the sync is complete you are finally ready to mine some Monero!

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