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RSA authentication manager 7.x temporary admin

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Forgotten The Password For RSA SecurID Superadmin Account

If you ever lock yourself out of the Security console, or you just forgot the superadmin credentials, there is a option to create a temporary admin. Use these steps to create one.

1. For windows open a CMD windows and browse to the RSAutil.exe, which is under the /utils folder of the RSA installation folder.

2. Type in the following command. rsautil restore-admin -u tempAdmin -p Password1!!
where tempAdmin will be your temporary username and where Password1!! will be the password for this user.

3. Login to the security console using the credentials from step 2.

4. Go to Identity – Users – Manage existing and look for the superadmin account

5. Choose Edit from the menu, and change the password. Click Save!

6. Logout the Security console and login with the original account and the new password to check if everything is working. (because the temporary account will work for only 24 hours, and you will have to start over)

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