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Why you should use a VPN

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The Internet is full of dangers, and criminals are lurking everywhere. Because of this you really should use a VPN to protect yourself. So how does a VPN help you to securely browse the internet?

WiFi hotspots

When you connect your device to a ‘free’ wifi hotspot, you are basically not in control anymore. Your connection to the internet can be monitored, interfered with and redirected to anywhere. Surely HTTPS wil help you somewhat, but it’s simply not enough anymore. When you are connected to a VPN, then no one can monitor, interfere or change anything. You can feel safe, even when you don’t trust the wifi connection.

Content Block

Some services block content because of the location where you are at the moment. When traveling to other countries, you can suddenly not use video streaming services, or your banking app won’t let you in. All of these annoying measures can be circumvented by simply connecting to a VPN server which is from your originating country.
And otherwise, when you want to open an account to a services in another country and the block you because you don’t live their. Again, just connect to a VPN server from that country. And Voila.


Perhaps the best reason to use a VPN is because of privacy. Don’t let anyone tell you that if you use a VPN you are hiding something. That’s thinking about this the wrong way. VPN users are normal people, like you and me, who have nothing to hide. We just care about our privacy.


PureVPN does all this and more. Which I have covered in this post. And I will continue to write about VPN’s and how and why you should use one. Let me know in the comments which topics you want to cover.

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