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Blur your house on Google maps

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Are you concerned about your privacy? Would you send pictures of your house and surroundings to random people if they ask? My answer is no, and yours should be no too. But this is exactly what the Google maps service provides. Literally anyone on this earth can view your house and surroundings. Ideal for burglars and what not.

So let’s blur it then,yes? YES. So go to Google maps and search for your property.

Enter Street View mode by dragging the little yellow human-shaped figure in the bottom right corner of the screen onto the map in front of your home

With your house in view, click on “Report a problem” in the bottom right corner of the screen

Center the red box on your home and select “My Home” in the “Request Blur” field

Enter your email address and click “Submit”

That’s it. Just wait for the email with the confirmation to arrive and it should be blurred.

Final note. This process is irreversible (Like my raincoat – president skroob, Spaceballs)

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