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Brave Browser and how this is interesting for you

Brave browser

This article is about the Brave browser and why this could be interesting for people who brows to website’s and for owners of websites.

So first a little introduction about the browser itself:
Brave is a free and open source browser developed by Brave Software inc. and its based on the chromium web browser. So this is nothing new in the browser world. What is new is that this browser has built-in “Ad-blocking” and “HTTPS Everywhere“, which ensures your privacy. This also has a positive affect on browser speed, as its faster then Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser. Brave browser also doesn’t track you and stores nothing in the cloud, which is also perfect for privacy. And last but not least, it is “Crypto-Friendly” with the built-in MetaMask extension (a near must-have for Ethereum/ERC-20 token holders and dApp users) and native Basic Attention Token [BAT] support.

So for normal users, the above is already a motivation to try this browser. But for content creators like me its has another great feature.

Basic Attention Token

With this feature content owners can earn BAT when visitors come to their websites with the brave browser. This can be turned on and off by every users in their browser, but when its turned on and you will visit a website the browser will make a small payment to the website owner after x time of visiting the website. It will strip all normal advertising and uses this system to help the website owner. So as a normal users you are freed of all those advertisements and their tracking capabilities, and for this you leave a small amount of BAT behind on the website.

So hopefully more people will use the browsers, as i think it is a great way of keeping content creators going and keeping the privacy of everyone intact.

You can download Brave browser here and it is also available for Android and Apple iOS

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