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How to mine with the Minergate CLI miner

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In this post I will show you the very easy steps to mine with the latest Minergate CLI miner.

CLI stands for Command Line Interface, which in this case means there is no GUI where you can click and edit things. All is done on from the Windows Command line (CMD).

Step one:
Download the latest CLI miner from There is at this moment a Beta version which claims to be 20% faster so we will go for this version.

Step two:
Unzip the downloaded file and open the folder. Inside the folder you see only 2 files. You can’t just click the executable, because this will open a window and close it right away. What you should do is open Windows command prompt. This can be done in two ways. Click on the Windows icon bottem left and type cmd and press enter. But a faster way is to click the address bar in explorer and type cmd. The advantage of this way is that the cmd is already in the right folder.

Step 3:
in the cmd type this command minergate-cli.exe -u ‘minergate username’ –xmr 5 where minergate username should be replaced with the username you used when signing up at minergate. After the username you see –xmr, which in this case stands for Monero. And 5 represents the number of cpu cores you want to use. You can change this according to your CPU type. I recommend to begin with 0 or no number at all, this way the program finds the best number for you.

Ofcourse you can mine other crypto’s instead of Monero. Just type minergate-cli.exe -h and you can see the help file where it shows all the coins you can choose.

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