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Making money with STORJ

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How to make money with free harddisk space?

Storj (storj, trade on binance)  is a cloud based storage solutions based on the blockchain technology. You can store files secure and fast on the storj network. This network of storj nodes is located on computers all over the world. But how is this safe? Each file is shredded and encrypted and distributed on several locations. So no location has the complete file, and since it is encrypted no one can read it anyway. So how can you make money with storj?. Simply by renting your free disk space to the storj network.

step 1 install the storj client

Download the storj client software and start the installer.

Make sure to set the checkbox for the Windows Firewall Rule. (unless you want to do this manually)
Finish the installer and at the end you should see a screen with a green start button

Step 2 storj client setup

In this step the client setup is configured to actually create the storj location. Once you click start setup the installer asks for the address on which you want to receive the rewards. This can be a Parity, Mist or Myetherwallet address. This example is with a myetherwallet address

Next step is to select the location on the disk where you want to store files for the storj network. Create a specific folder for storj and select this folder in the client. Set your free space you are willing to use. You can always create another folder, so its not a one time setup.

Next step are the connection settings. You have to choose a free port that the client can use for communiction with the storj network. If you create more then one folder, make sure to choose a different port everytime. If you are not behind a NAT device then select the Reachable checkbox, but for most users this wont be neccesary.

step 3 Launching the client

The final step is to actually launch the client and let it connect to the storj network. You have to make sure your computer clock is in sync, you can do this with NTP (check your clock settings). If your clock is out of sync there could be connection problems. After a few minutes tops you should see a similar screen as below (depening on your internet speed and folder size etc.)

From this moment the ‘Shared’s space can differ from time to time, just keep the client running and every month you should receive rewards. This depends on the used space and whether your client is 24/7 connected or not. Payments are done once per month, so dont expect to see rewards after a few days. Just be patient, you can always check the FAQ and their community.
Or post your question below and I will answer. Good Luck!

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