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Top Three Privacy Coins to Watch in 2018

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Three Privacy Coins to Watch in 2018

There are many more cryptocoins that provide privacy, but in this post i’m going to cover three which  I believe have great potential in 2018. So here comes the top three privacy coins of 2018

Privacy coin #1 Bitbay

Bitbay (BAY) is founded back in 2014, but later on run by a community leaded by David Zimbeck. At this moment (the first day of 2018) the market cap is $163.398.798 USD, and has really grown since begin december 2017. With several security features they have some interesting things going on. For privacy matters Bitbay uses encrypted communications with public and private keys, and anonymity. You are anonymous, so no one can get your personal information. Send private smart contracts directly to your counterparty’s bitmessage or email address. Spoofing is no longer possible.

Privacy coin #2 Verge

Verge (XVG, trade on binance) is another coin which has grown a lot in 2017. At this moment (the first day of 2018) the market cap is $2.493.282.722 USD. For privacy matters Verge has a transparent ledger that allows anyone to view all of its transactions, but protects user identities and locations by integrating both Tor and I2P to not expose IP addresses. This means that no one can track your connections to the verge network. But the ledger still is public, so if anyone gets hold of your address then all transactions can be followed within the verge network.

Privacy coin #3 Spectrecoin

Spectrecoin (XSPEC) was created in 2016 to improve on the concept of ShadowCash (SDC).  The goal was to add Tor integration to the ShadowCash codebase. At this moment (the first day of 2018) the market cap is $83.430.387 USD. Because all communication is happening exclusively on the Tor network your privacy is guaranteed. It also uses OBFS4 which is an obfuscation protocol that hides the nature of the traffic that goes through it. By incorporating OBFS4, it is possible to use SpectreCoin even in countries where access to the Tor network is censored, like China or Iran. Another plus in SpectreCoin is, funds that are stored as private balance (tokens for ring signatures) are not publicly visible.

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