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Rebuild Nessus Plugin Database

Howto Rebuild Nessus Plugin Database

For my job I use the Nessus Vulnerability scanner from Tenable and once in while when I start Nessus I get the website saying ” Please wait, bla bla  Compiling plugins…”
Like so:

And this keeps on going for a while and this keeps on going even if I restart the “Tenable Nessus” service. So when this happens there is something wrong with the plugin database. Could be because of a sudden reboot of Windows (thanks to autoreboot of windows update..) or because of a failed update of Nessus.

Either way, the quick fix is this:


Windows (as admin)

> net stop "Tenable Nessus"
> cd \Program Files\Tenable\Nessus
> nessusd -R
> net start "Tenable Nessus"

Linux/Unix (as root)

# service nessusd stop
# /opt/nessus/sbin/nessusd -R
# service nessusd start


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