How To Generate Wordlists With CUPP | Kali Linux

CUPP is a wordlist generator where you can specify profile someone to generate a custom wordlist based on people’s characteristics clone the github repository and start cupp – git clone CUPP syntax The basic syntax for cupp looks like this: python3 -h Example  start the script – ./ -i the -i is for interactive mode Read more about How To Generate Wordlists With CUPP | Kali Linux[…]

Kaboom – automated penetration test script

Kaboom is an automated penetration tool This is a script I found on Github and it automates some processes of a regular penetration test approach. It starts with the information gathering fase, then the vulnerability scanning fase and ends with exploiting. So lets examine this tool. First download the tool from github, easiest way to Read more about Kaboom – automated penetration test script[…]